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  • Did you know the City of Charlotte does not allow residents to park on the lawn?
  • Did you know the City regulates the safety of commercial buildings? 
  • Did you know there is a proper way to prepare yard waste for pick up?
    These ordinances and more are part of the Charlotte Code of Ordinances and are enforced by the Neighborhood & Business Services Department Code Enforcement Office.
     Code Enforcement Inspectors work to ensure all residents have safe, clean places to live, work and play by enforcing the City’s ordinances.
     Violations against City ordinances most often occur not because or direct intent, but through lack of knowledge.
     Below are links to help you and your family, neighbors, co-workers and others better understand how you can do your part to keep Charlotte clean and safe.

Vehicles: abandoned, hazardous, and junked

Housing: minimum standards for places of habitation, rooming houses, and lodging

Noise: measurement, amplified sounds, and permits

Weeds, Grass, Leaves and Undergrowth: property owners, public ways and lots          

Charlotte Parking Ordinance

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  • Charlotte Storm water services